By daytime I’m an engineering in a relatively boring engineering job. By nighttime I’m a crazy Python junkie falling in love with programming.

ThinkTwisted.com originally started back in the early 2000s as my own platform for random thoughts, projects, and musing. In the days before WordPress, moms exploiting their family’s to make a killing on the internet, and back when you had to know HTML or CSS to build a website. It was a blog before blogging was cool.

Over the years it morphed into a cartoon site, short story site, personal photo gallery, a personal blog, and defunct website (more than a few times). I have reincarnated it as this project/blog site as a method to document, share, and teach what I have learned involving python and other random fun projects.

I have aspirations of hosting and giving away and/or selling a few of the programs I have written as well. We’ll see what the future holds for ThinkTwisted.com this time around.

Stay tuned.