Idle Buster – Python


Idle Buster – a simple program to keep your PC awake. Idle Buster keeps your computer from going idle for a user settable amount of time.



Download Idle Buster program to prevent your PC from going idle:

  1. Ask the user what their idle time out is in minutes.
  2. Verifies the user entered a number.
  3. Gets the amount of time the PC has been idle
  4. If the idle time is more than the time out entered by the user, presses the shift key twice to keep the PC wake.

To run the program, just double click the script and enter your idle time out. To exit, select the terminal window and press CRTL+C.

By downloading the and running this software, you assume all responsibly for running and operating the software. and its proprietors assume no responsibility or liability for lost data, damaged systems, or corrupted information.


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